Sunday, September 14, 2008

Call Lightining Strikes Twice

The results of Grognard's Challenge #4 came in at the end of last week. It is with a great amount of pride and joy that I announce that I did it again.

The responses to it have been very kind, indicating that I'm on the right track back to my roots and to where I want to be as I put the dungeon complex together. I'm scrambling to get ahead a bit in my project, simply because I'm facing a dungeon crawl as a player and I don't want to be overly influenced by what I run into in that game. I'm interested to see if the similar years of playing between myself and the DM are going to produce similar design results.

Grognard's Challenge #5 has been announced but I think that I'm going to sit this one out. Not from hubris, but because the entry that I'd like to submit involves source material I have packed away in storage. Recovering it would be a challenge in and of itself. Perhaps when events permit, I'll write it up and post it here after the fact.

In the meanwhile, I'll now have two of the LBB Supplements to peruse for inspirational reading.

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