Sunday, September 28, 2008

Links Part 4

Here are three quick ones for a Sunday evening:

The Call of the Dungeon: A relatively new blog dedicated to old-school gaming. It’s author, JM, is a follower of this little electronic fish-wrapper that I call a blog, so I figure I owe him a solid with a link to his site. Check it out and spread the word.

Malevolent & Benign: Any blog that shares the subtitle of one of my favorite and much-maligned AD&D books is O.K. by me. It’s just not D&D either. Encounter Critical fans will find ample fodder for their games as well. The link to the pin-up archive was prize in the Cracker Jacks too.

Wilderlands OD&D: Unfortunately Wilderlands OD&D seems to be on a permanent hiatus. Still, I’ve never wanted to be involved in a hex-crawl game more than after reading through it. Scott uses a similar elven role-model as I do, so I really dug his posts on changeling elves.


John Miskimen said...

Thanks Mike!


Max said...

Likewise, thanks for the link!

Michael Curtis said...

My pleasure, guys. Thanks for doing what you do and providing me with more locales to visit when I should be working.