Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tech Help

Problem resolved. Moving along then...


Max said...

Forgive me for a question so obvious, but have you tried using your blogger dashboard to make these changes? It sounds as if you are trying to edit your template directly, but with the basic blogger templates that shouldn't be necessary -- in fact it sounds like blogger may be over-riding any changes you make to your template.

If you haven't already done so, pull up the 'Settings' tab on your dashboard, and check out the comments sub-menu. All the changes you've mentioned should be doable from there. If you *have* tried that, perhaps you could reset your template by choosing a new one and then switching back to Rounders?

Again, sorry if this is something you tried two days ago.

Michael Curtis said...

Thanks for your input, Max.

It seems to have been some sort of widget conflict. Reseting the widget settings in HTML cleared up the problem.

Situation fixed and back to D&D stuff!