Friday, September 19, 2008

Links Part 3

I like to become familiar with a site's content before I add it to the list. That's why the blog roll is growing slowly. If I figure the site is something that I'm going to read on a regular basis, it gets added. If it's still new or not regularly updated, it gets backburnered until I get a better idea of its use to me as a resource or entertainment source. An established site concerning topics of interest to this blog, but not yet linked to, most likely means I'm working my way through its archives and will appear in the near future.

Here's three new ones:

Jeff's Gameblog: Jeff Rients' blog is the the second-longest running blog concerning old style gaming that I've encountered so far. Jeff has a wonderful enthusaism for gaming, and it's apparent in his writing. It's become a regular stop for me. The earlier postings are a little scattered in focus, but as the site evolves, so does his writing. I'd advise jumping in around the mid-2006 time period if you're visiting for the first time. I think that's when things really start to gel.

Original D&D Discussion: This forum was one of the major influences on me to get back to my gaming roots. Primarily concerned with OD&D (the little brown books), it has enough resources, ideas, and general atmosphere to be of use to anyone looking to indulge in the type of gaming they enjoyed so many years ago.

Philotomy's OD&D Musings: Another major influence in my return to what I think off as D&D. Philotomy waxes philosophical on OD&D and its rules. Pound for pound, one of the most useful sites to visit for indulging in old-school game theory and design.


Jeff Rients said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning my blog in such august company!

Michael Curtis said...

My pleasure, Jeff. Sorry it took me so long, but you had a heck of a lot of archived posts to catch up on!