Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer on the Convention Trail

Hey, looky there. It looks like I’ll actually post something here before the month runs out.

OK, so every now and then I get to pick the lock on my cage and escape into the wild for a few days before a refugee from Animal Planet comes and shoots me with a tranquilizer dark and hauls me back to the Freelancer Designers’ Home for the Mad. As summer creeps up, I know for certain I’ll be out and about and those of you interested in meeting me in the flesh can find me at certain venues. If history is any indicator, I suspect your second or third question for me will be “When’s Stonehell 2 coming out?”

As of right now, I’m scheduled to attend three conventions this summer, with a fourth a strong possibility. Here are the stops on my Summer Rampage Tour:

June 6th-9th: North Texas RPG Con—I’ll actually be arriving on the 5th, so you’re sure to see me if you’re an early arrival at the hotel. I’ll be looking to play something because I’m a busy man that weekend once the con officially starts. I think all of my games are filled, but you’re always welcome to come by and see if there’s a no-show or two. I’m really very accommodating. My schedule is:

Thursday, June 6th @ 6 PM in Trinity III at Table 4: DCC RPG—“Frozen in Time”
Friday, June 7th @ 10 AM in Trinity III at Table 8: DCC RPG—“A Night on the Town”
Friday, June 7th @ 6 PM in Trinity IV at Table 7: Shiverwhen Playtest—“The Perils of the Book Trade”
Saturday, June 8th @ 10 AM: I’m actually playing! “Metamorphosis Alpha” with Jim Ward. I’m two for two in MA with Jim at the helm. This means I’m likely a casualty this time around.
Saturday, Jun 8th @ 6 PM in Trinty IV at Table 7: Labyrinth Lord/Mutant Future—“The Great Stonehell Laser Massacre”

July 3rd-7th: Dexcon in Morristown, NJ. This one is not 100% guaranteed yet, but do to its proximity to my base of operations and the good things I’ve heard about it, it’s likely I’ll be attending and running some DCC RPG. More details as they emerge.

July 12th-14th: Connecticon in Hartford, CT: Hey, look it me! I’m a Tradition Gaming Guest of Honor at Connecticon. I’ll be bringing DCC RPG and doing another Shiverwhen playtest. My schedule is:

Friday, July 12th @ 8 PM: DCC RPG—“Frozen in Time”
Saturday, July 13th @ 9 AM: DCC RPG—“In the Court of Chaos”
Saturday, July 13th @ 8 PM: Shiverwhen Playtest
Sunday, July 14th @ 9 AM:  DCC RPG—“A Night on the Town”

August 15th-18th: The mother of all conventions, GenCon! It’s my first GenCon ever. It’s taken more than 30 years, but I finally get to attend the biggest RPG convention in the U.S. if not the world. I’ve got a bunch of games schedule and it’s also likely I can be found at or around the Goodman Games booth in the exhibitor’s hall in between events. My schedule is:

Thursday, August 15th @ 7 PM: DCC RPG—“The Croaking Fane”
Friday, August 16th @ 9 AM: DCC RPG—“Frozen in Time (zero-level funnel)”
Friday, August 16th @ 7 PM: DCC RPG—“The Croaking Fane”
Saturday, August 17th @ 9 AM: DCC RPG—“Frozen in Time (1st level heroes)”
Saturday, August 17th @ 7 PM: DCC RPG—“A Night on the Town”

Crap. That's a lot on my plate this summer. I better get back to work.