Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stonehell Dungeon Supplement: Buried Secrets Now Available

Stonehell Dungeon Supplement Two: Buried Secrets

The second in a series of supplemental material for Stonehell Dungeon, this twenty-page PDF is an anthology of three adventuring sites located in and around the ancient prison suitable for exploration by low-level characters. Included are “Modnar’s Cellar,” the undercroft of a ruined tower owned by a magic-user with a strange agenda, “The Nest of Otrogg,” a cave system once occupied by a loathsome cult, and “The Sanctuary of Chthonia,” a secret sub-level located inside Stonehell Dungeon and overseen by an undead witch. It also introduces two new spells, eight new monsters, two new magical items, and a pair of minor deities for your Labyrinth Lord™ game. This supplement contains three maps but no other interior illustrations.

Suitable for use by characters of levels 1-4, the adventures found within will provide several sessions worth of entertainment and their stand-alone nature makes them easy to insert in any campaign regardless of whether you're using the Stonehell megadungeon in you world. And, at the low price of $2.99, that's less than you'd pay for that party-sized bag of chips for your game table.

Click here to buy your copy today or visit the Lulu storefront for more Stonehell Dungeon game products.


amel said...

Hi Micheal,

I just bought Buried Secrets, because I had much fun reading (not playing yet, unfortunately) Stonehell. I just had a short look at it, but it looks good with one exception: Page 17 (Page 1 of the Sub-Level) is broken. The map is not in place and the text boxes are moved around the page. Part of the map is hidden under a textbox and I think a bit of text is moved off the page.

I guess, you want to fix that :-)


Michael Curtis said...

All fixed. Sorry about that. You can re-download the fixed version.

Chris said...



Thank you for this Mike. I'm sure it will be interesting, entertaining and useful.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to reading (and running) this!

I used Stonehell to introduce RPGs to the 10 year old I sponsor through Big Brothers Big Sisters, and he had a great time (until his characters were overrun by rats and zombies). He asked me when we are going to play again, now I have a great excuse to play again next weekend. :)

Carter Soles said...

Hey, just bought my copy and LOVE it so far -- THANKS for another superb product!

David The Archmage said...

Ok, I just finished reading this today, and I am again impressed with Stonehell, and very jealous of your players.

I do have a question and an editorial comment - First the editorial comment. The undead dogs didn't have a damage listed in their stat block.
Now the question - Why is Froghammer a sword?

Michael Curtis said...

The undead dogs didn't have a damage listed in their stat block.

Dammit. It should be 1d4+1. I've made the correction and uploaded the revised PDF to the site. It may be a while before it updates if the problems at launch were any indication. You know you have the revised PDF if it is called "sh_supplement_two".

Why is Froghammer a sword?

This is a joke, albeit a subtle one. If Gandalf can get away with having a sword called Foe-Hammer, I can do the same.

David The Archmage said...

I'll check tomorrow to see if it's up.

And as for Froghammer... I get it. :-)

David The Archmage said...

I'm still getting the stonehell_supplement_two.pdf version.

Michael Curtis said...

I've contact Lulu support and made them aware of the issue. If and when they get back to me, I'll let you know what they say. Sorry for the delay on this, but its out of my immediate control. I'll do my best to rectify the situation even if Lulu doesn't

Michael Curtis said...

As per Lulu Customer support:

Dear Michael,

Thank you for contacting Lulu Support.

My advise to you is to forward this message on to any customers who are facing the issue: For those who have already purchased the old file, make sure that it is deleted before downloading the new file.

If the problem persists, please feel free to contact Lulu for further support.

I suspect that this is worthless but you might wish to perform their suggestion anyway on the off-chance it actually works.