Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friends of Starship Warden

After consulting with lawyers to determine the best way to assist Jim Ward and his family meet their growing financial obligations for his treatment, Tim Kask has announced the creation of "Friends of Starship Warden."
Friends of Starship Warden
The above is a site I set up this morning to try to help Jim financially. I have also established a bank account with the Associated Bank of Elkhorn called the Bail out the Warden Fund. Monies collected through this PP account will go directly into that bank account which has been set up with an EIN as a Misc. Non Profit with the IRS.

Physically, Jim is still having his good days as well as his bad. He is now waiting for the teams of specialists at the Mayo Clinic to come up with a more complete diagnosis as well as a plan of treatment.

Please feel free to spread the link wherever you feel it may do some good.
Please click the link above and consider donating a few dollars to help out Jim.

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