Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dungeon Alphabet PDF On Sale

As part of DrivethruRPG's GM's Day Sale, the PDF of The Dungeon Alphabet is on sale for $5.99. That's $2.00 off the regular price and nothing to scoff at in these troubled times. If you've been meaning to pick up an electronic version of the book, you might not see a better offer than this.

Click here to go and buy.


Anonymous said...

Well carp...I've been on the fence (because of spending money, not on the product) and you had to go and do this.


Tenkar said...

Do it! Was worth full price :)

Cameron Wood said...

Yup - bit the bullet myself just now. Michael, I gotta say, your posts have done more than anything else lately to revive my interest in D&D, which is a game I left a looong time ago. I look forward to some good readin'.

Greg Johnston said...

Bought a PDF on solely on the recommendation of others.