Monday, March 29, 2010

Watchfires & Thrones Session #3

We were down a player this week so my recap of yesterday's game is slightly longer and more detailed than previous efforts in order to keep him aware of the events missed in his absence. That write-up appears here.

Another player joined us yesterday and yet another came over to ask about the session during play. After a post-game exchange of emails, it looks like he'll be joining our ranks in three week's time, bringing the number of players up to seven plus myself. I still consider this our shakedown period so if we lose a player or two, that's no big deal, but so far most everyone seems to be having a good time despite the fact that I'm populating and detailing the world as we go--which can lead to the occasional "Let me get back to you on that."

The intent to move our sessions to a more private venue remains on the table but we keep getting new faces interested, which means putting off the move until everyone is comfortable with the player roster. If interest in the game remains on a continued high, it may be months before we make the move. But if it stimulates interest in the retroclones and OSR, I can handle such a delay.


Cameron said...

I would love to know the roll that accounted for Presto's one-man charade of "Play Misty For Me."

Michael Curtis said...

Nothing special. Merely a 2 hp magic-user taking 5 hps of damage in a single attack. Since it killed the PC and resurrection is almost an impossibility, I chose to engage in poetic license to describe the scene and build tension.