Friday, March 12, 2010

Off to Visit Stonehell Dungeon

This weekend, I have the unique opportunity of being subjected to my own creation. I'll be upstate visiting friends and family, which gives me the chance to sit in on a role-playing group that is currently exploring the depths of Stonehell Dungeon. The catch is that I'm sitting in as a player, not the guest referee.

It stands to be an interesting experience. Hopefully this Curtis guy knew what he was doing when he wrote the damn module.

You folks have a great weekend. I'll see you Monday morning.


Alex Schroeder said...

Excellent idea! :)

Vanadorn said...

Good for you Mike

Give Jim my best!


Chris said...

Mike gets thrown into his own meatgrinder? This should be an industry standard practice for all module designers.

/r/ after action report (or maybe a recording of the session. Pretty please?) if possible.

Unknown said...

That DM has some chutzpah. I'd never be able to run a module for the author.

Fandomaniac said...

Have a great time and see you when you get back!


Unknown said...

Pretty sweet. I can't imagine someone running my own stuff back at me.

Incidentally, I just played a *small* chunk of Stone Hell at the DC Game Day. Much fun. After flipping through afterwards, I think I need to buy. )