Thursday, March 25, 2010

And Nobody Ever Saw Billy Again

I was out taking my daily constitutional yesterday when I chanced upon this:

Obviously, one of the local neighborhood wags had been up to some brief vandalism with a Sharpie marker, further limiting the chances of this particular domicile to sell in an already dicey real estate market.

Of course, being the guy I am, I couldn't help but construct a scenario where a terrified neighborhood child risked the wrath of whatever unholy entity dwells within that house to leave a warning for the other kids in the neighborhood. Sounds like the perfect start to a Little Fears one-shot.


Restless said...

That would make my wife want to get a tour.

And an overnight stay.

Stefan Poag said...

If I were a buyer, I'd bid low, pointing out that I have to recoup the cost of the exorcism before inhabiting the place.
Personally, I'd rather take my chances with ghosts than live in a house that was formerly used as a meth lab.

Christopher B said...

It makes me curious, though: Was this just simple mischief? Or is there some truth in these scribblings? Does that house have a local reputation for being haunted?

Michael Curtis said...

Does that house have a local reputation for being haunted?

None whatsoever. And Long Island is the home to the Amitville Horror house and other assorted spooky places, so if there was anything to this graffiti, somebody would have said something.

The house itself is a simple suburban home probably dating from the post-WWII housing boom that swept Long Island.

Patrick W. Rollens said...

Or you could run the game using Dread. That game is still the best for ratcheting up the tension and suspense, brick by brick.

Blair said...

Meth Ghosts!