Thursday, March 25, 2010

Con Games

This is a reminder that I’ll be attending ICON 29 at SUNY Stony Brook this Friday and Saturday. Looking at the gaming schedule, I’ll most likely try to grab a spot in either of the two Call of Cthulhu games on Friday night (9PM-1AM), the Saturday morning Top Secret game (10AM-2PM), possibly the 4E take on Steading of the Hill Giant Chief just to see what all the fuss is about (3PM-7PM), and wrap things up with either another go at Top Secret (8PM-2AM) or The Savage World of Solomon Kane (7PM-11PM). Should I forgo the Saturday morning Top Secret game, I may, just may, try my hand at Battletech provided they encourage novices to sign up. There’s an AD&D game on Sunday but I’ll be running my third session of Watchfires & Thrones instead. I’d rather run my own game than sit in on someone else’s if that is an option.

If you’re attending and want to get something signed or just say “Hi,” look for me in those locations.

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