Monday, May 21, 2012

New Goblinoid Games Playtesting Underway

Regular readers will remember that I hinted at (well, OK, blatantly plugged) the fact that I've written a new game for Goblinoid Games using the Pacesetter System. As of today, the playtest document is now open to Labyrinth Lord Society members. If you want to get in on the action, you'll need to sign certain documents writ in the burning blood of Orcus and become a Labyrinth Lord Society member.

The following except is from the email that went around to Society members this morning. If it piques your interest, why not go to the LLS page and sign up!

I'm looking for playtesters for a new Pacesetter System game developed by Michael Curtis. The genre is urban fantasy, particularly of the dark urban magic variety.

Playtesters will receive credit in the book and free PDFs of the final release.

In order to be a playtester you need to have a currently active gaming group willing to play, and be willing to commit to playing three sessions before September 1st. I would also ask that the GM submit a playtest report, briefly describing your experience running the game and any comments by the players. Ideally you will already have played similar games like TIMEMASTER, ROTWORLD, SANDMAN, etc., but this is not mandatory.

I'm really excited about this game! I think Michael Curtis has done a great job with it.

Dan Proctor

Goblinoid Games


Tim Snider said...

Not only am I involved, I've offered my copyediting/proofreading skills to the project. (Professional Word-smith here.) Also, if possible, I'm gonna try running an impromptu playtest with LLS members at Gen Con in August.

And I SWEAR I will not hold your Met. Alpha "knife in the back" moment against you. ;)

Michael Curtis said...

Glad you're on board, Sniderman. And you better not hold my betrayal in MA against me. You were already dead by the time I abandoned the rest of the "survivors."

Anthony Simeone said...

As a proud Labyrinth Lord Society member, I was emailed about this, and I've signed up to help the playtest! Can't wait to see it, as I've recently been getting more and more of a yen to find a urban fantasy game system.