Monday, May 28, 2012

Two DCC RPG-Related Announcements

First, a general one to the gaming public at large: As usual, Goodman Games is participating in this year's Free RPG Day. As you might expect, their contribution is new DCC RPG material. The following is Joseph Goodman's post on the Goodman Games DCC RPG Forum:
Free RPG Day is Saturday, June 16! Just in case you missed the front page update, we've posted details on our Free RPG Day release for this year. You can find the page here:

This year's module features two adventures, plus the start of our Mystery Map Adventure Design Competition!

The first adventure is The Undulating Corruption, a level 5 scenario by Michael Curtis. The characters learn of a purported Crucible that can cure their wizard's corruption...but reaching this cure is not easy!

The second adventure is The Jeweler That Dealt in Stardust, a level 3 scenario by Harley Stroh. A jeweler and fence has gone missing, and his house of jewels now sits empty. Surely a cunning thief could make his way inside to steal the unguarded riches?

Rounding out the two adventures are full details on the Mystery Map Adventure Design Competition. The Free RPG Day adventure booklet contains The Mystery Map -- a partially complete map. In the Mystery Map Adventure Design Competition, your job is to complete the map and pitch us on the 5,000-word adventure you would write to accompany it. A panel of distinguished judges will decide on the winner, who will receive a contract for $1,000 to write his adventure.

More information on Free RPG Day is available at

As always, our Free RPG Day module will premiere in participating retail stores, then be available for purchase online (as print or PDF) approximately 1-2 weeks after the event.

The second item is for those happy few playing in either one of the sessions of DCC RPG I'm running this year at NTRPGCon. If you are playing (or hoping to sneak into the game) and own your own set of "Zocchi Dice" (d3, d5, d7, d14, d16, d24,and d30), please bring them! I'll have a set of "table dice" for all to share, but I know people can be...peculiar...about sharing dice and I don't want "out of game" violence breaking out at my table!