Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Legends & Labyrinths Playtest

I forgot to mention that I had the opportunity to sit down at my FLGS and play test a convention scenario for the upcoming RPG Legends & Labyrinths. There is literally something for everyone in the rules, no matter what edition you started with and some very innovative and interesting mechanics to the game. You can learn more over at the L&L website, including some blurry photos of the dungeon we were exploring (and a glimpse of my folded forearms).

Let me extend my thanks to George Strayton for coming out to the wilds of Suffolk County to run this session. George and I finally got to meet in person after several ridiculous near-misses and I hope to work with him in the near future. Thanks, George!


George Strayton said...

Thanks, Mike! It was an honor to meet you, have you play L&L, and especially to have the amazing, award-winning DUNGEON ALPHABET integrated into LEGENDS & LABYRINTHS.

Remember, everyone, you still need a copy of the DA to use with L&L -- think of it as a supplement that's referenced in the main rulebook of L&L, building it right into the system -- so go out and pick up your copy of the DA now if for some crazy reason you haven't already so you're ready for the launch of L&L at GenCon!

Anonymous said...

This game really does sound fascinating. Looking forward to trying it out.