Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stonehell Deities, Religions, and other Strangeness

One of the members of the Stonehell Dungeon Facebook group asked for a list of all the deities, religions, cults, and other such powers found in the upper levels of the dungeon. Never let if be said that membership doesn't have its benefits, as he and other Stonehell fans got a free, no-frills PDF of all those entities.

Since I'm a mostly swell guy, those of you who are not members now have access to the same PDF. Click here to download it. It's nothing fancy, but if you want a little more info on the gods of Stonehell (including a little behind the scenes trivia), it'll do you good.


James said...


letsdamage said...

I was working on compiling a list of all of the references to gods, since clerics and divine magic work a lot differently in my campaign setting and I needed to modify or excise most of them. It looks like I missed a few, so thanks.

JDJarvis said...

Cool, thanks. Such a breakdown actually makes running the dungeon a little bit easier.

1-Hit Wizard said...

Big thanks your way, Mike!

This satiates my Stonehell appetite, which had been gurgling for some time.

For now, it is quietly reading.

For now.