Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"The door opens and you see this!"

I never heard of Shrek the Sheep until his passing, but now that I've seen a picture of him, I want to include a monster based on him in Stonehell 2. He looks like some sort of coral-encrusted beastie or maybe a laboratory-bred "brain sheep."


scottsz said...

Damn, that's a lot of sweaters waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

oooh a brainsheep! Make him lawful-evil and the big-bad dungeon boss who is a 9th level Patriarch of Dispater or sumpin! Woot!



Spawn of Endra said...

Perhaps too late to join in, but legend has it that UC Davis had a half goat - half sheep made from conjoined embryos, so it ended up as a patchwork of one horn, tufts of wool, patches of hair, and so on. Vocalizations somewhere between and a baaa and and bleet.