Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Your Adventure Design Homework for the Weekend

I read this quote today in an interview with Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, OFF!) and it sounds like just the sort of adventure the OSR minds would cook up. My plate's full, so someone else is going to have to take this one.
Hercules versus The Three Stooges. Or, the Three Musketeers get transported to Mars where they’re going to fight the evil king of Mars, and, as it turns out, Mars is like the party planet; all the women are running around naked and there aren’t very many guys, so it’s kind of like Australia where there’s like 10 girls to every guy. Something like that.
Extra bonus points if you can squeeze in Bigfoot.


Roger G-S said...

NJ punk band Adrenalin OD titled an album "Cruising with Elvis in Bigfoot's UFO".

Álvaro said...

Ive discovered Off in this post, thank you very much!

And its funny Roger I have my only Adrenalin OD album in the same plastic sleeve with Circle Jerks Group Sex!

Is nice to know that there are more punk-rock-gamers around there...