Thursday, June 18, 2009

Forgotten Realms, Forgotten Adventures

I made a deal with myself that, if there seemed to be enough interest in my version of Ashabenford from 1987, I’d make the two surviving adventures from that era also available to anyone interested in what a session around 15 year-old Mike’s gaming table was like. As I write this, there are now more than eighty copies of my version of Ashabenford loose in the world. I suppose that indicates there might be suitable interest to warrant full disclosure of my old Forgotten Realms notes.

I’ve put both adventures into a single, 8-page .pdf. Only one of them has a surviving map, although it seems the final room (#9 – the basement) for that location has been misplaced. I wish I could provide the context in which these adventures were run, but even after re-reading them, I have no idea where they fit into that campaign. I know only that I wrote them up on my old electric typewriter that I’d bought at the local Sears that year, and that I obviously ran the players through them. The pencil marks and scratched-off hit points indicate as much.

I wince reading parts of them now, but take consolation in the fact that I’m a much better DM and adventure writer than I was twenty-odd years ago. At least, I hope I am. If you still remain interested, you can grab a copy of the adventures here. I wish I had more interesting relics to share but this is all that remains.

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Will said...

Thanks for putting these up - I obsessively collect the creations of other DMs for my "inspiration file." If I am ever at a loss, I look there for something to spark my creative impulse.