Friday, December 23, 2011

Wildwyck County Map

If you don't follow my spottily updated Secret Antiquities blog, you might not be aware that I'm doing a series for Fight On! magazine that introduces a 1920s historical horror setting for use with GORE and other percentile-based rule systems. The premier article covered the history of Wildwyck County and provides an introduction to the area that will be elaborated on in further detail as the series progresses. Due to what I assume was space restrictions, the black and white map of Wildwyck County that Ravi created was not included with the first article in my Wildwyck series in issue #13 of Fight On! The back cover of the magazine does feature Ravi's aged version of the map in glorious sepia-tone, but I thought that readers might like a clean black and white version for reference and playablility as the series develops. You can download the high-quality version of the map here.


scottsz said...

The portfolio at that link is incredible!

Michael Curtis said...

Ravi does do incredible work and is very easy to work with. I heartily encourage anyone looking for an experience cartographer whose work speaks for itself to contact Ravi and see if he'd be interested in working on your project. I got in touch with him via, but his contact information is available on his portfolio as well.