Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lord of the Rings Miniatures Terrain Question

To those readers who are/were either fans of Games Workshops' Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game or just followed the GW production schedule in general, a question:

Did GW ever produce this statue as a stand-alone piece or was it always part of their Lord of the Rings Terrain Pack? I could have sworn that I once saw it for sale as a single piece, but all my searching seems to indicate that this was just something I cooked up in a fever dream rather than an actual sighting on the Web. I know for certain that I'm not thinking of a Thomarillion production (although those are quite cool, too), but this particular sculpting based on the statue that appears in the films.

I re-watched the trilogy over the holiday and absolutely love all the little background scenery Jackson sprinkles throughout the films. It does a wonderful job of imparting a sense of history to Middle-Earth and that's something I always shoot for in my own games--successfully or not.


Jason Juta said...

It was never sold seperately, as far as I'm aware. It's probably available from many of the bitz suppliers on the web though.

David The Archmage said...

What Jason said. They are great statues though!

Michael Curtis said...

Thanks for the response. Perhaps it was an eBay auction that I saw and that made me think it was available separately. I'll need to mull over the pros and cons of trying to track down it as bitz or just going with something similar like the Thormallion sculpts.

Anonymous said...

GW did release a box of just terrain, but no single pieces.


I like the campfire and use it fair amount.

Steve H said...

If all you're looking for is statue-like bits, I've got loads of extras from my casts of Hirst Molds (www.hirstarts.com). Most of the time I'm just casting for bricks or walls, and I end up with tons of extra skulls, statue-like bits, barrels, boxes, etc... far more than I'd ever need.