Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snake + Gator = Dog

I'll be at a game tonight while this is airing, but you can bet your last Swatch and Hypercolor T-shirt that this is being DVR'd. The challenge is figuring out who I should root for: Long Islander Deborah "Debbie" Gibson or "I did a Playboy spread" Tiffany? If only they had figured out a way to work Amy Fisher in...

If I had some New Coke to wash down this cheese, it'd be the perfect 80's flashback.


BlUsKrEEm said...

I can't tell you how much i enjoyed that movie. Asylum haters don't know what the are missing out on.

Michael Curtis said...

I just finished watching it myself. Pure, glorious atrocity. I haven't had so much fun with a bad movie in many a year.

It's great that schlock can deliver on its promises, but Hollywood blockbusters so seldom do.