Saturday, October 31, 2009

Knockspell #3 At The Door

Available from Black Blade Publishing: THE PDF and IN PRINT
It's the highest-level Knockspell magazine ever created, the Wondrous Can of Whoopass, the plate mail of armor classes, and indeed the one thing you MUST NOT DO WITHOUT if you are a serious gamer from the editions that never had decimal points! 1E, 0E, OSRIC, and Labyrinth Lord -- it's all here.

Take a look at the Table of Contents, and you will be convinced beyond all doubt. ----- Unless you make your saving throw, or I have configured the Mythmere's Enthralling Internet spell improperly. (If you roll a 1 and yet don't immediately go buy the magazine, please let me know).


Outnumbered but Tough: Musings of a Girl Gamer by “Spike”
From Kuroth’s Quill #3 Allan T. Grohe, Jr.
Pulp Heroes and the Colors of Magic “Akrasia”
Chariot Racing John Vogel
Blame it on the Players: an Editorial Tim Kask
Swords & Wizardry: Silver ENnie Award Winner
Black Armour, Black Heart: the Anti-Paladin Scot Hoover
The Font of Glee Jason Sholtis
The City of Vultures Gabor Lux
Random Wilderness Events Joshua James Gervais
Contest Details
Random Ruin Generator Robert Lionheart
Labyrinth Tomb of the Minotaur Lord R. Lawrence Blake
The Planes: Playgrounds of the Rich and Powerful Jon Hershberger
New Tricks and Traps
New Magic Items
Beginner’s Bestiary Andrew Trent
New Monsters
The Tower of Mouths Matt Finch
Nothing from yours truly this time around, but many of my own favorites make a return. Knockspell #3 is also the first issue released through Black Blade Publishing, rather than Lulu. This one could be a milestone issue, people. Pick it up!


Matt Finch said...

And let us keep in mind - the fact that Michael didn't have a contribution in this issue is due to Michael, not due to an insufficiency of pleading and large bribes delivered to the proper authorities. :)

Michael Curtis said...

All too true. I rolled a "1" on the Knockspell article I had planned to write. I just couldn't breathe any life into the subject and took a pass rather than subject the readership to a dry dissertation on adapting historical sources for game play.

I shall return to this topic at a later date...