Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There's a Reason Why I Just Write These Things

For as long as there has been role-playing games, there have been gifted men and women who doodle and draw as the game unfolds. Whether composing character portraits, landscapes of vistas encountered, or cartoons that are insulting to the referee, these artists help bring the shared world to life for the group.

I am not one of these gifted individuals.

Below is a page from my notebook in which I attempted to capture the grandeur of the titanic toad trap that brought low the party's paladin in our last game session.

In case you're wondering, I did none of the illustrations for either the Stonehell compilation or The Dungeon Alphabet. That was instead left to talented people who can actually compose art.

Real posting here will resume shortly, I promise. I'm almost finished with my big, horkin' "to do" list.


Vanadorn said...

Extra Cool Mike that it made your blog!

Smell the sound of adventure!

I like the fact that the 2nd guy from the left is doing Travolta from Staying Alive.


Honestly though - doesn't it look like you just AREN'T supposed to go under it?

Anonymous said...

No, put down that rope and grapple. We're not wasting time trying to drag that mace and crown over here. I feel very confident about this giant suspended toad. Nothing bad can come of this.

Of course I'll go first.

DMWieg said...

When I ran Warhammer Fantasy roleplay over the summer of '08, we had such a player who would sketch out various encounters and places. The group always looked forward to seeing her sketchbooks after the game. Another thing she would do is draw cartoon faces of any enemies encountered and keep a tall of damage done to them. That old notebook of hers was filled with cartoon faces of skeletons, Mutants, and bandits with X's through them.