Sunday, February 22, 2009

Work, Work, Work

Let me preface this by stating that this is not, by any means, me complaining. If I ever start harping on the fact that I’ve got too much to do in regards this hobby of ours, you have the right to shove me into the black mouth of a big green devil’s face and be done with me. This is more of a heads up for the coming week.

When I got back into this hobby in general and, more specifically, the movement to keep older forms of these games alive, I did so with the hopes that I might be able to contribute a bit back to the larger community. At that time, I never so much as dreamed that I’d be doing so in the capacity that I have been. While my efforts pale in comparison with those of many others, my own drops in the communal bucket have become larger than originally intended.

As it stands at the moment, I’m trying to finish up a submission that I hope might be accepted for an upcoming issue of Fight On! and I’ve agreed to provide another piece for Knockspell. I’ve got the rest of Level Two of Stonehell completed, but I need to start working on the first two quadrants of Level Three for March. In addition to this, I’ve got two other projects that I’ve been chipping away at for later on in the year and I’m still sitting in on my thrice-monthly gaming group. In down moments, I’m polishing up three blog posts for later. All this is taking up my evening hours, as I spend most of the daytime hunting down a new contract for archival work (note to Dave Arneson – if you ever feel you need someone to organize, preserve and arrange your life’s works for posterity, I’m available).

This weekend saw me on the road for another trip upstate and I’m still recovering for road burn and from spending time with my newborn nephew so Mom and Dad could catch a few much-needed hours of sleep. Now I’m the one in need of a nap.

Posts will still be happening as scheduled this week, but they will be short pieces and perhaps uninspired (more so than usual), as I try to clear off my stovetop before everything on the backburner boils over. I apologize in advance for this and normal long-winded posts of meandering nature will resume once I’ve herded a project or two across the finish line.

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