Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pied Piper To Show More of Castle Greyhawk

Sometimes insomnia has its benefits. I’m currently awake, plotting and planning some projects for the upcoming few months. As I do so, I stumbled across an announcement from Pied Piper Publishing. It seems that Rob Kuntz has something very special planned us old D&D aficionados. I’ll let Mr. Kuntz explain:

“One of these items announces a dear project of mine which involves publishing all of my ancient Lake Geneva Campaign Castle, Outdoor, City and Special levels and Original Campaign information, circa 1972-1985. Note our online product information as well as covers for two of the products due out this year at this link that will be live on February 15th, 2009. Also note information in our newsletter about this.”
From the Pied Piper newsletter:

Six Original Castle Levels from the original Castle Greyhawk, 1973, by Rob Kuntz. In two sets of 3 levels each. Price: TBA per set or by price per individual level; color reproductions of maps plus original map scans; fully detailed with historical references and extra on-line content available to purchasers.
LE, Signed and Numbered 1-500/set.
Robert J. Kuntz, Author; Ed Kann, Cartographer; Andy Taylor & Ed Kann, Illustrators. Available: August/September
(Greyhawk is TM Wizards of the Coast).

The Annex, Original Lake Geneva Special City/Outdoor level: 1975 Original Campaign Reproduction, by Rob Kuntz (see on-line preview and author sample introduction).
Price: TBA; full color scan of the original, as in Bottle City; LE, Signed and Numbered 1-500. Rob Kuntz, author and original map; Andy Taylor, Illustrator. Available: May/June

Dream Land, Original Campaign alternate setting and DM wonder tool, 1985 Original Campaign Reproduction, by Rob Kuntz.
Price: TBA; full color scanned reproduction of the original 11 x17 map hand drawn by Rob Kuntz. Setting guides and over 300 encounters and their variants for use in sculpting unique fantasy dream lands in any game system.
LE, Signed and Numbered 1-300. Available:TBA/2009
From the product descriptions on the website:

Six Levels from the Original Castle, Lake Geneva Campaign, 1973

LV3-split East. A special level with the prototype "Garden" of the Plantmaster in it, a Giants "Pool Hall", and the resting place of my creation, the first "ring of shooting stars".

LV8 East. The Original "Machine Level," playtested by EGG and adventured on by dozens, including James Ward's Bombadil PC. Repair robots, washing tubs, insane machinery, and floors with conveyer belts moving one to these areas.

LV11-Core. Whole elevator rooms/complex which actually moves up a whole 1/8 of the map to the levels above, with ending point covering pit (never found by adventurers) with a great magic item in it. Entrance to land of OZ.

LV12-Core (Boreal Level). Ice/Snow level (Arctic Level). Frost King, Ice Worms Trap area with many holes, boreal clime.

LV13-Core. Original Lord of Light with my "Orb of Brightness" (later renamed by EGG as "Gem of Brightness"), Hidden Tomb with staff of wizards, Corridors of Distance, access points to Asgard, Melnibonae, Dying Earth, sinking/rising rough hewn room to levels below and above.

LV14-Core. Access to deeper regions of the castle, bridge over void with Flame guardian, 3 Kings throne room (massive)--MU, F, Cl--where one of the artifacts for clerics was located.


As a DM you are always searching through your repertoire of tricks and strategies to challenge your players, right?

Back in 1985 I envisioned a land where the players would actually "adventure" in without actually doing so. A place where reality and dream merged. A place where many players to this day swear it was as real an adventure to them as any other that they had chosen to participate in!

That place was "Dream Land."

It is the OZ, it is the Realm of Fairy, but more importantly, it is anything that YOU as a DM want it to be and perhaps even what your players THINK that it is. It is Now, Then and Everything bordering on dream, and in this case, it is also your players' worst nightmare.

Dream Land© offers a wide range of DM applications in one package and is suitable for any game system.

*A beautiful 11" x 17" colored map faithfully reproduced from the original drawn by Robert J. Kuntz in 1985.

* Over 300 detailed areas including, mountains, hills, woods, rivers, seas, cities, counties, kingdoms, marshes, swamps, and special encounters, all of which list occupants and other information integral to the ongoing adventure(s).

*Basic rules and easily learned guides to quickly and seamlessly structure the adventures through notation and simplified story-telling techniques.

*An endless setting with myriad possibilities that can be used as an ongoing part of your world or adventured in under certain conditions, as the DM prescribes.

*Easily sculptable for ANY player level, from 1st on up!*Useable in ANY game system!*A detailed section on how to craft your own unique Dream Land(s)!

I was unable to find more information on The Annex at the time of this posting.

Very exciting news indeed!


Anonymous said...

While it would be cool to see RJK's original drawings and plans for CGH, don't hold your breath. PPP is notorious for overpromising, underdelivering, and taking your money and then dragging its feet before sending you what you purchased. Personally, I'd never buy anything from PPP, simply based on RJK's peculiar way of treating customers and doing business.

grodog said...

Rob has turned PPP's publishing model around quite a bit since the delays impacting Bottle City.

In particular, it's worth noting that the new PPP books are already printed: orders being placed are not pre-orders to fund the printings of the books, but will be shipped over the next two weeks. The previous books' printing costs were funded via pre-orders. After listening to the fans and their concerns about the delays with Bottle City, Rob opted not to employ that model for future publications.

So, if you're concerned about ordering due to past delivery problems, I recommend that you wait a couple of weeks to see where shipping stands, and then order or not, based on the feedback at PPP's site, the Acaeum, Dragonsfoot, etc.


grodog said...

FYI, folks are reporting that packages are arriving today, and PPP sent out a notice last night that all paid orders had shipped as of yesterday.