Friday, June 4, 2010

The Binding of the Twain

I've a question which I can't find the anwer to via my usual sources, so I again appeal to you fine folks. This one is for those of you who own any of the Fafhrd & Mouser books that were published in hardback by Gregg Press in the late 1970s.

I was introduced to to Leiber's tales through the copies my college library had. Those were all hardback and they had either an orange or pale red binding (not the dust jackets, the actual binding). I can't quite remember which now but I'm certain it was of either one of those hues. Could one of you with the Gregg Press editions tell me if the binding on those match either of those colors?

I'm thinking that at some point in my life I'd like to have a set of the books in the same edition that introduced me to them. I still consider Leiber's Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stories to be the finest example of the sword & sorcery tales. My thanks in advance.


Hungry said...

Sorry. All of my Fafhrd/Mouser books are Ace paperbacks from the early 80s. I wish you luck on your quest!

biopunk said...

Man. I was an Ace reader like Hungry, but I'm sure an old roommate had them. I'm going on memory, but if they were red with a metallic print on them, they might be the same ones.

Does that sound right? I remember 'Knight & Knave' looked out of place next to them.

Good luck

Michael Curtis said...

I'm going on memory, but if they were red with a metallic print on them, they might be the same ones.

That's kind of what I'm going on myself: memory. It certainly sounds like they could be the ones I'm looking for, but I don't remember if the print was metallic or not. They were library copies and much handled, so, even if the print was a metallic ink, it had been worn down by 20 years of grubby undergad hands.

Thanks for info. It does make me suspect that the Gregg Press series is the one I first read.

Unknown said...

I was introduced to the stories in the Ace paperback versions, lost them, and was forced to purchase crappy hard-back collections from a cheap sci-fi book-club. I'd love to own a better collection.