Monday, August 24, 2009

Schedule Change

After reading the comments to Friday’s post and thinking about the situation over the weekend, I’ve decided to suspend the normal M-W-F schedule of posts for the foreseeable future. I purposely stayed away from the keyboard for the last two days and put aside thinking about my current crop of projects. The respite was very nice and it did much to improve my attitude and frame of mind. If you’ve sent me email over the last few days and have yet to receive an answer from me, I’ll be working on bringing my inbox current throughout the day. Expect a reply soon.

New material will appear here as it develops or warrants, rather than on a strict predetermined schedule. This will hopefully result in a higher quality of content and perhaps even a larger number of posts over time. Should I discover that working without a schedule seems to be leading me to quiescence, I’ll reinstate a fixed schedule to keep me motivated. But until such time, I’ll be flying freeform.

I thank you for your understanding in this matter and I look forward to presenting a better grade of musings here starting…right about now.

1 comment:

Vanadorn said...

I agree Mike - you seemed much better of attitude this weekend and it was great to have you around and over. Lots of laughing.