Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wanted: 265 Fans with $20 to Spare

There's been some talk going on in the ether about James Raggi's massive July crowdsourcing campaign. Some are sure he's mad, others believe he can pull it off. Me, I'm certainly hoping that the later faction is correct because I really want see the funky ideas I have for "Of Unknown Provenance" see the light of day.

Over at Lamentations of the Flame Princess blog, I read two comments that made my afternoon:

"The names he has writing adventures are "famous" in their own rights. Does Monte Cook have 300 fans willing to pay $20 for his adventure? Does Michael Curtis?" -- Ramanan Sivaranjan

"Of course a Michael Curtis + LotFP module would sell 300+ copies over a reasonable period of time." -- Guy Fullerton

So the question remains, and only my readers and fans can answer it: Are there 265 of you would plunk down $20 bucks for a printed copy and a PDF of "Of Unknown Provenance" and make the adventure a reality? You've got 25 days to make it happen. If it does, know that I remain deeply humbled and honored that you folks would give up the cost of a movie and snacks for me.


ClawCarver said...

I think I was the first to pledge so my money's down. I really, really hope Raggi/you/we can pull this off, because the premise sounds fantastic, lurking somewhere in the (admittedly quite large) imaginative space between Jack Vance's "Museum of Man" and the last shot of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Amos Orion Sterns is a bonus too.

Michael Curtis said...

It's very much appreciated, ClawCarver. Thank you for the support!

Ramanan Sivaranjan said...

That first quote is mine, and I've already given you my $20. If you don't have 255 other fans I'm going to punch someone in the face, because that's just not right. (Also, your blog's CAPTCHA's are impossible.)

Justin S. Davis said...

I paid my $20. ('The Dungeon Alphabet' rocked my socks.)