Saturday, June 16, 2012

Original DCC Art for Sale

Those of you who've had the chance to peruse the DCC RPG rulebook already know that it's filled with great art, some rendered by industry titans and other pieces by the up-and-comers of tomorrow. Now, you have the chance to own a few of the originals.

Doug Kovacs, who painted all the game's covers and designed the amazing module maps that appear within, has placed some of his work up for sale on his website. A few have already been sold, but if you're a fan of Doug's work like I am, here's you chance to snag a piece (or three) for your gaming room/man-cave/boudouir/etc. With convention season gearing up, Doug's bound to sell these fast, so those of you looking for a piece of RPG history should act with alacrity.

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Arkhein said...

Oh man - Thanks for the head's up!

- Ark