Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pretty Pictures from the End of the World

I don't often indulge in this sort of behavior, but, if you're like me and currently weighing your options regarding a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game, I suggest that you take a few minutes and peruse the images here. It's a great collection of forty-five apocalyptic vistas collected from various Deviantart creators. You're bound to find something to get your toxic waste crockpot a'bubblin'.


Chris Kutalik said...

Man, I must be in a nihilistic mood this evening as some of these actually made me happy (like seeing the bear grazing in front of the Capitol).

Dan said...

There are some really nice pictures there. Thanks for posting the link!

Mark Thomas said...

You may want to examine some of the photography here:

Lots of desolate places well suited to a post-apocalyptic game.

Cameron Wood said...


Thanks for that link.


And thanks for that link.

I'm lovin' me some cool images right now.

Rich said...

***putting on best cheech and chong voice ***

Curtis Man... stop worrying.... learn to love the bomb!!!

Thanks for the links man!