Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"It's smiling at me."

Catacomb Entrance Nothing bad could possibly come from opening a door with this on it, right?


Chris said...

Of course not. Look at the smile, and those arms are obviously stretched out for a hug...

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of those attempts to mark nuclear waste sites with warning signs.

Because the waste will be dangerous for several thousand years, you can't just write it in English. Or even all languages. You also need symbolism that shows it's dangerous and not useful at all.

One suggestion was surrounding the site with a field of stone spikes. Another was just hiding it and hoping our descendents never find it.

One design was a series of pictures that show a person getting sicker as he got nearer to the glowing thing, and eventually dying in the rightmost panel. But what if these people read right to left? They'd think it was a resurrection machine!

Gave me lots of good Gamma World ideas.

Anonymous said...

Totally stealing this gag/idea. It'll be interesting to see what my group does with a door thusly marked.