Friday, February 26, 2010

The Eldritch Frontier Wiki

I've gone ahead and made my Obsidian Portal site for the forthcoming Eldritch Frontier campaign open for viewing. There are still a lot of little details that need to be added and the whole thing needs to be gone over with an eye for typos, but my goal was to have it up today.

Looking it over, I get the impression that it doesn't quite convey all that I have in mind for the world and seems a little too vanilla in places. The spice will have to wait because I'm certainly not going to tip my hand before the campaign even begins. A lot more will be revealed in time and the campaign's atmosphere will certainly be much more palpable around the table when dice start clattering.

Wiki is here.

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Cameron Wood said...

I can already tell it's going to take me a large chunk of time to fully work my way through it, but I can also already see that your Eldritch Frontier is a damn sight better than anything else I saw when I scrolled through it a couple of days ago (following your link, btw - thanks for pointing that site out!).

That's one thing - probably the top thing - I love about this hobby: seeing where other people's imaginations have led them.