Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Dungeon Alphabet Pre-Order Offer

It’s been announced on the Goodman Games site, so I’ll reiterate it here. Everyone who pre-orders a copy of the Dungeon Alphabet will be eligible to win a collector’s copy of the book autographed by cover artist and role-playing luminary, Erol Otus.

Any pre-order made through local game stores and the Goodman Games’ online store will be eligible for the drawing, even those orders placed prior to this announcement. The offer expires on February 1st, 2010, and the drawing will be held March 1, 2010. A copy of the flyer/order form can be downloaded here and contains all the details.


R. Lawrence Blake said...

I've already pre-ordered. I'll cross my fingers for the win! Otus is one of my faves.

Orion said...

Woohoo! I might win me some Erol Otus swag!

I know you're enjoying your break from working on Stonehell, but srsly, you need to finish the lower levels. Take your time; I'm still reading the first :)

Carter Soles said...

Me too! Me too!