Friday, September 25, 2009

Tavern Tables: Barfight!

Feeling arrogant and in the mood for a good dust up, you punch the closest, meanest-looking face you see. He goes sprawling into a table occupied by a crew of sailors on shore leave. They jump to the feet, sending their chairs into a group of dwarves, spilling their ale. In ten seconds flat, a brawl has erupted!

Bar Brawl Random Event Table
At the end of each round of combat, each PC involved in the brawl rolls a d6. On a 1, some event has occurred to that character. Roll a d20 on the table below to determine what has happened.

1) The PC is caught in the area of effect of a random 1st-3rd level spell.
2) The PCs current opponent gets blind-sided, taking him out of the fight.
3) The room’s chandelier comes crashing down. Make a save vs. petrify or take 1d6 points of damage.
4) Hot soup is splashed on the PC. Make a save vs. breath attacks or take 1-2 points of scalding damage.
5) Furniture goes flying. Save vs. petrify or take 1d6 points of damage and get knocked down.
6) A fire breaks out. In 1d10+5 rounds, it grows out of control, engulfing the room in flames.
7) A mug sails through the air. Make a save vs. wands or take 1d4 points of damage.
8) A brawler lands on the PC either accidentally or intentionally. Make a STR check to remain standing and there’s a 50% chance this brawler will start fighting the PC next round.
9) The PC dives to the ground to avoid a flying chair. Lying in front of him is a pouch containing 2d20 random coins.
10) The PC steps in a puddle of spilled liquid (stew, beer, blood, etc.). Make a DEX check or fall to the ground.
11) Whoops! In the chaos, the PC accidentally takes a swing at a fellow party member or other ally. Make a normal attack roll and apologize later if successful.
12) A swing comes at the PC from behind. Make an attack for a 3rd level Fighter against the PC’s armor class (no Dexterity or shield bonus) and, if it hits, he takes 1d2 points of damage.
13) An attractive member of the PC’s preferred sex grabs the character’s ankle and attempt to lure him to safety under a sturdy table.
14) Burning logs spill from the hearth. Make a save vs. breath weapon or take 1d6 points of damage. The logs will ignite a fire as #6 above.
15) The PC’s opponent is tougher than he looks. Increase that combatant’s hit points by 2 hit dice. If the PC has yet to land a blow on him, improve his armor class by two steps as well.
16) A 2nd level Thief takes advantage of the melee to lift the PC’s pouch. He has a 47% chance of success due to his level and the chaos.
17) Your opponent has friends. Next round, there is a chance that one (75%) or two (25%) of them join their pal to fight you!
18) The PC gets debris in his eyes, blinding him for 1d4 rounds unless a save vs. poison is made.
19) The Watch arrives to break things up. The patrol consists of 2d6 1st level Fighters led by 3rd level Fighter.
20) The PC gains an unexpected ally during the next combat round who will help him take down his opponent.

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