Thursday, September 24, 2009

New THM Games Release: Swords & Wizardry Reference Sheets

Michael “Chgowiz” Shorten announced yesterday that he has completed the Swords & Wizardry Reference Sheets, his second release under the Three-Headed Monster Games imprint. The PDF is available from and for $1.99 US. Here’s what Chgowiz has to say about them:
It is a 28 pg PDF digest sized booklet of the charts and tables from the 3rd printing, as well as a couple of new monsters, a whole slew of Wilderness Encounter tables (not in Core Rules printing) and an updated/revamped Treasure Generation system (enhanced from Core Rules). It will be priced at 1.99$US.

Why should you buy this? Quite simply, if you know the rules of S&W/OD&D and you merely need tables/charts and some random encounter/treasure generation - then this is for you. I ran a game on Saturday with just this booklet and didn't have to open any other reference. If you are learning the game, this organizes all the tables/charts into a small reference so you can quickly look up what you need to look up.
Pick up your copy today!

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