Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Gryphon Has Landed

As some of you folks probably know, DriveThruRpg.com offers a bevy of free downloads pertaining to this hobby of our. Amongst this trove of free riches is Silver Gryphon Monthly, a periodical in .pdf form put out by Kevin Rohan & Ben Overmyer, the guys behind Silver Gryphon Games. The latest issue, Silver Gryphon Monthly #4 is now available.

Perhaps suffering a temporary lack of better judgement, Ben Overmyer approached me a little ways back and asked me if I'd consider letting my post "With New Old Eyes" appear within the electronic pages of Silver Gryphon Monthly. After some schedule wrangling, I managed to produce a version that stood on its own away from the confines of this blog. That version, along with myself as a special Guest Columnist, appears in Issue #4.

I personally guarantee that the article alone is worth the price. Go grab an issue and see for yourself!

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Anonymous said...

That is a briefcase full of awesome.