Thursday, January 8, 2009

A General Update

Just a few words on recent events that don’t warrant the use of a full day’s post:

Outdoor SurvivalResolution #12 Completed: Today, a belated Christmas gift to myself arrived in the mail. I returned home from work to discover a used copy of Outdoor Survival waiting for me. I haven’t had the time to sit down and play out one of the scenarios yet, but just rummaging through the box brought back a lot of memories from my first tentative steps into this hobby of ours. The set is in pretty good condition and is complete, right down to the Avalon Hill Catalogue for 1981. If only I could order a copy of Squad Leader for $17.00 or Magic Realm for $16.00…

Fight On! #3: The latest issue of the best thing to happen in classic fantasy role-playing in 2008 arrived the day before yesterday. All I can say so far is “It’s huge!” Clocking in at 150 pages, if I get the same amount of use out of this baby as I did with issues #1 and #2, the $15.00 for the print version and shipping is, again, the best money I’ve spent on a role-playing product in recent memory. Can you even buy a role-playing aid from WoTC for $15 anymore?

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The Badger King said...

Good Lord.... MAGIC REALM. My buddy had this game. It had to be one of the most insanely difficult board games ever. I seem to recall us dying EVERY time we tried to play that game.