Monday, December 1, 2008

Identify Spell Needed

Thanks to a comment to Abode of the Toad from Scott of Wilderlands OD&D fame, I got to browsing YouTube, looking to see what people have done with songs from Blue Oyster Cult and the like. During that search, I came across "Elric - Requiem for Melnibone." Can anyone out there identify the song that is playing in this video? I've been known to use music in my games, but I try to avoid your standard Ren Fair stuff whenever possible. This is most definitely a modern piece, but is strongly evocative nonetheless. Any ideas?

EDIT: Never mind. It's Era's "The Mass". I should occasionally pay attention to those text thingies they sometimes put under the moving pictures.


Max said...

In this vein you might also like some of the other post-Enigma choral/Gregoriana + beats groups out there: Achillea, Amethystium, Lesiem, Magna Canta, Mysteria, et al. It's a sub-genre all of its own.

Michael Curtis said...

I had an ex in college who made me a Enigma mix-tape. It wasn't half bad as I remember. I'll give a listen to some of what you suggest there, Max. Thanks for the heads-up.