Monday, October 24, 2011

Visit Stonehell for Halloween and Save 20%

Between now and October 28th, Lulu is offering 20% off on all orders, allowing those of you who've yet to purchase Stonehell Dungeon: Down Night-Haunted Halls, its second supplement, Buried Secrets, or  Realms of Crawling Chaos a chance to save some money. And that's no trick! So why not treat yourself by entering the code BURIED305 at checkout. OK, enough with cutsey shilling. Go buy a book and help keep the bill-collecting trolls from my door this season. There's enough scary monsters out there as it is.


Roger said...

Is there somewhere I can get Stonehell and the Dungeon Alphabet together?

Michael Curtis said...

Sorry for the delay in replying, but I've been away. As far as I know there is no way to bundle to two together. The Dungeon Alphabet was available for sale through Lulu at one point, but I've heard that those who have tried to order it through that venue had no success. I don't know the back end details of that arrangement so I can't shed any light on the issue. In fact, I myself was astonished to see the DA listed on Lulu.

Roger said...

Well, I finally ordered Stonehell after all this time. I waited too long to use this code, but the code FALLBOOKS gives the same discount and is active through the end of the day.