Monday, March 9, 2009

Sneak Peak at Level 3C

I've finished up most of Level 3C of Stonehell and I can safely say that it wanders deeply into Bat Country. I knew it was going to be different from the very start but recent developments seem to have placed it in territory deeply loved by devotees of the Scientific Realism of Encounter Critical.

I can give you one hint:


Chris said...

"All glory to the Amityville Mike."

(sorry, it had to be done)

Looking forward to 3C even more now.

Secular Transhumanist said...

This is just weird. I literally have a place called "bat country" on Level 4 of CotMA.

Keep up the great work, Mike.

Anonymous said...

I love the phrase "bat country." Sometimes I wish I had the right kind of eyes.