Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pacesetter is Back! No Time-Machine Required

Dan Proctor announced yesterday that Goblinoid Games has acquired the rights to both the Pacesetter logo and brand. This comes in the wake of Goblinoid Games’ acquisition and re-printing of Pacesetter’s TIMEMASTER game. Unfortunately, former Pacesetter titles like CHILL and STAR ACE remain tied-up with other property owners for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, this marks the next step in Dan’s plan to revive old games and produce new ones based on those titles, much like he did with the recent release of ROTWORLD. Expect more announcements in the vein in the months to come.

For the record, I’ve told Dan that if he ever gets his hands on SANDMAN, I’d be the first in line to volunteer finishing that funky-ass experiment that Pacesetter started, but never saw to fruition. Oh man, what I’d do with that crazy game…

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