Friday, January 20, 2012

Metamorphosis Alpha: “The House on the Hill” Now At Reduced Rate

Craig J. Bain from WardCo. chimed in on my last post to say that his Metamorphosis Alpha adventure, “The House on the Hill” is now available at the reduced rate of $13.99 for the rest of January. If you’re looking for an introductory module to run along with your brand-new printed copy of Metamorphosis Alpha, here’s your chance to pick one up and save some scratch. From the adventure description:
This is an introductory adventure for the classic sci-fi advenure RPG, Metamorphosis Alpha. The book includes a sample adventure set in a Round House Modular Dwelling Unit (RHMDU) and also includes tables for generating your own RHMDUs and ensuring that each of them is unique.
The adventure is designed to be challenging (despite the size of the RHMDU) and humorous, yet deadly to the unwary or over-confident.
Swing by CreateSpace and pick up your copy today!

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Zenopus Archives said...

I believe Craig's module is the first, and still only, module ever written for Met Alpha. It's also an introductory scenario, so now all we need is a box to create the Met Alpha box set that-never-was.

You can also pick it via Amazon, and it qualifies for free shipping if your total order is over $25.

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