Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From the October Country: Writhing Madness

Another refugee from Secret Antiquities. Although I don't play the skirmish miniatures game Malifaux, I've become quite enamored of some of the castings. The sculptors and I seem to share a common mindset and a lot of the Malifaux line fits in quite nicely with the October Country. When I saw this one, I knew it needed a place in that odd world. The entire mini is coated in transparent Day-Glo paint and emits an eerie phosphorescence under a blacklight.

Sunday's game saw the PCs going toe-to-toe with members of a group called "The Silence." Led by a manimage, a sorcerer whose spells deal with madness, the Silence was in the midst of conjuring up a madness "elemental" from the spirits of the dead inmates at the Crow Tree Asylum when the party showed up. Things did not go well. I take a lion's share of the blame for that, as the encounter I designed was more formidable than intended. I'll fix things next play session. In the meanwhile, here's yet another unusual occupant of the October Country.

Writhing Madness

STR: --
CON: --
SIZ: --
DEX: --
INT: 3d6 (10-11)
POW: 4d6 (14)
CHA: 3d6 (10-11)

Move: 8
Average HP: 14
Armor: Immune to non-magic attacks

Attack: Bite--60% Damage: 1d6+d2+ madness (POW vs. POW or succumb to temporary madness)
Other Skills:  Dodge: 40%

Conjuring Cost (as per rules on pp. 35-36 of the GORE rule book): 20 MP

Summon Writhing Madness
MP Cost: 1+
POW Cost: 0
Range: 20’

This spell summons forth a swirling maelstrom of madness from the Nightmare Lands and impels it to do the magician’s bidding. The spell must be cast in an area where madness was once common, such as asylums, hospitals, slums, or other locations of the referee’s choosing. The total MP cost of the spell is dependent on the size and power of the entity summoned as per the rules on p.36

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