Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lurking in Lake Geneva

Event registration for GaryCon went live at 4 PM EST today and, like some of you, I was perched at my computer ready to snatch up seats in my first-choice games. Unfortunately, 30 GP just doesn’t buy what it used to and conflicts forced me to make some hard choices. Hopefully, I’ll be able to correct that at GaryCon V.

For those of you attending (or just interested in what I’ll be playing in Wisconsin in two-month’s time), I’m registered for the following events:

Friday @ 2 PM: “Legends of Wargaming: DUNGEON! With Dave Meggary.” It’s been forever since I played Dungeon! and the opportunity to play it with original designer was simply too good to pass up. Its low cost in Gary Points and short duration made it a perfect choice to ease into the Lake Geneva gaming scene.

Friday @ 6 PM: “OD&D with Tim Kask.” It came down to either playing AD&D with Frank Mentzer or OD&D with Tim Kask in this time slot. Having had the opportunity to play OD&D with Frank last year at my local con, I decided I’d give Tim’s game a whirl and let someone else take a seat for Frank’s game.

Saturday @ 12 PM: “We Got Ourselves a Real Bug Hunt!” Metamorphosis Alpha with Jim Ward! As much as I wanted to sit in on Jeff Rient’s “Caves of Myrddin” at 10 AM, I simply had to play a game with Jim before I left Lake Geneva and, due to scheduling and my flight times, this was my only opportunity during GaryCon. I’ll have to catch Jeff’s game on Goggle+ one morning to make up for it.

Saturday @ 6 PM: “Gary Con Open – Mission Critical.” An old school convention tournament game in Lake Geneva: How could I say “No” to that?

I’ll be arriving at the Lodge in Lake Geneva around 5 PM on Thursday. Since Thursday night and Friday morning is free for me (barring gaining a seat in a game with openings), I’ll probably break out Stonehell or a super secret playtest during those times, so if you’re in town and are also free, track me down!


Sniderman said...

I'm in Jim's Sat. Met Alpha game too, so I'll see you then!

grodog said...

I'll be curious to hear what MA scenario Jim runs you through, Michael: I really enjoyed the one I played at NTX last year.


Michael Curtis said...

Great! I suspect a lack of spidergoats in that game, but I'm sure Jim will find equally creative means of killing us all!

Michael Curtis said...

Allan, it's a shame you won't be attending. I was looking forward to meeting some of the old school crowd I know solely from the ether.

Judging by the title of the MA game, I suspect you would have enjoyed this one. It looks like it might be Aliens with the PCs playing the roles of the Colonial Marines and the residents of the Warden filling in for the xenomorphs.

Bighara said...

I'll be getting in Thursday afternoon as well. I'm in Sniderman's Mutant Future game Friday, but missed the old guard games this time around (mostly bummed about missing Hyperborea & Rient's B/X game). I think I'll playing a good bit of pick up on Sat.