Sunday, January 22, 2012


For far too long, I’ve been on the fence about Google+, ConstantCon, and the FLAILSNAILS phenomenon. My hesitance was due largely to technical issues (lack of webcam and an older PC) and a few bad experiences with online roleplaying games in the past. But this weekend I finally overcame my aversion, bought a middle-of-the-road webcam from Best Buy, and dipped my toes back into the Google+ pool. Thanks to several kind folks sharing their FLAILSNAILS/ConstantCon circles with me, I quickly became acquainted with the OSR community on Google+.

This afternoon, I got my first taste of FLAILSNAILS gaming. My technical worries proved to be baseless and my aging PC handled the hangout without a problem. By the time the session ended, I was kicking myself for not jumping into this sooner. The adventure took an entirely unforeseen turn, to say the least, and I can’t wait to play again with my now seasoned FLAILSNAILS character, Lemmikäinen.

Lemmikäinen, an elven Veteran-Medium, recently departed to the wilds north of Cornwall in the company of Philip the Bloody and Nolan Bracegridle. They returned some time later in command of a small sailing ship and reticent to speak of their exploits along the coast. Lemmikäinen was last seen shopping for new armor, his old suit of plate mail having somehow acquired a large, neatly circular burn mark in the back plate.

Thanks to everyone I played with this afternoon for granting me an unbeatable introduction into the world of FLAILSNAILS gaming. You know who you are and why.


George said...

Sounds cool! I gotta get me some of that.

jason kielbasa said...

and thanks for the add on g+. follow your blog. never comment for some reason.

Zak S said...

Glad to hear it went well

Matthew Slepin said...

I keep hoping I'll be able to find more than 30 min to myself and give this a try as well. Glad you had fun.