Friday, January 20, 2012

If You’re Thinking of Buying Metamorphosis Alpha

…you should probably know that Lulu is offering 25% off with the coupon LULUBOOK305. That coupon is good until January 31st, 2012. That applies to all Lulu purchases, not just MA, so feel free to pick up a few other goodies while you’re at it!


Joshua said...

D'oh! I only got 20% off on the coupon I used. Still, that almost covered the shipping, so I shouldn't complain.

Joshua said...

Gah! Why didn't I see this earlier?! Lulu's just balls for me right now. Only just made a different order yesterday, ordered ME earlier, and now I missed a coupon rate!

Craig J. Brain said...

I've dropped the price of the print version of Metamorphosis Alpha: The House On The Hill module to $13.99 for the rest of January, to accompany the rules :)

It can be purchased from at the new price. It may take a few days to filter through to Amazon.

Craig J. Brain

Michael Curtis said...

Thanks, Craig! I'll make a note about it!