Thursday, July 11, 2013

Off to ConnectiCon Tomorrow!

I'm departing for my northerly neighbor of Connecticut tomorrow to attend ConnectiCon as one of the convention's Traditional Gaming Guests of Honor. My official con schedule begins at 8 PM tomorrow night when I kick things off with "Frozen in Time," but I'll be slouching around the convention center for a few hors prior to that. I've several other games scheduled throughout the weekend. Also, on Saturday, I'll be participating on a panel with James Carpio of Chapter 13 Press and Gygax Magazine about Old School Gaming.

There's still available seats in my games, so if you're planning on attending or still thinking about it, please come on down and play. My scheduled events are as follows:

Friday, July 12th @ 8 PM: DCC RPG—“Frozen in Time”
Saturday, July 13th @ 9 AM: DCC RPG—“In the Court of Chaos”
Saturday, July 13th @ 8 PM: Shiverwhen Playtest
Sunday, July 14th @ 9 AM:  DCC RPG—“A Night on the Town”

Hope to see some of you there!

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