Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Off to TotalCon

I'm off this morning to TotalCon in Mansfield, MA, for four days of gaming. I'll be running DCC RPG (including a sneak-preview of The Croaking Fane), Labyrinth Lord, and OD&D. Both of the latter feature trips into/around Stonehell Dungeon. If you're planning on attending, there's still room (as of this writing) in two of my DCC RPG games, "Frozen in Time" and "A Night on the Town." Everything else is booked solid.

Although those five sessions look to be fun, what I'm really anticipating in the first public playtest of a game I've been working on quietly now for sometime: Shiverwhen. Once the Stonehell sequel is complete, Shiverwhen is going to see the majority of my attentions in 2013. I've started a blog to document the development of the game and to promote it. It's just getting rolling, but interested parties are welcome to point their browsers over here.

Next weekend sees me in CincyCon in Cincinnati, OH, and I'll be in Lake Geneva for Gary Con two weekends after that. Hope to see some of you on the con trail in the weeks ahead!


Dave Bernazzani said...

Hi Michael!

I was in your The Hidden Vault of Evaders Noan LL game and it was a total blast! I wrote up a short report of my Total Con experience - your part in my great experience is in the middle of this:

Dave Bernazzani

Michael Curtis said...

I'm extremely glad "The Vault" was the highlight of the con for you, Dave! We indeed had a great table full of players. Tim Kask told me afterwards that he had trouble hearing his own players because of the ruckus we were kicking up!