Monday, July 6, 2009

Files in the Ether

I've been using to host most of my crazy-go-bananas homebrews for the last several months. Just recently, they changed their free plan features to no longer support a personal user page for hosted files. I've just become aware that this change means that all my former linked files are now coming up "file deleted."

The files are still stored on Orbitfiles but on a separate, non-public page and I'll need to go back and adjust the links to these files accordingly. I intend to start doing this later tonight and will make an announcement once the switch is completed. My apologies to anyone whose tried to access any of my supplemental material recently only to discover they appear to have been deleted. I'll be looking into other file hosting options in the near future to see what else is available for my needs.


Michael S/Chgowiz said...

I'm hosting my files in one of two places - Google Sites and

I use Googlesites for more techie and draft items. I created a site with a home page and I "attach" files to the homepage. You can provide a link directly to the file. It comes with 100MB of storage. It's quick and dirty.

I've also been uploading my "releases" to for real downloading.

Joshua Macy said... seems like another reasonable place to just upload a pdf, open office or ms office file. That's where I stuck my One Page Dungeon.

Grim said...

No probs with googledocs here either.

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Michael Curtis said...

Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

I'll most likely check out Goggle Sites to see what they offer. I'm a bit leary of uploading any of my crazy homebrew ideas onto Lulu. I'm saving that for better things.

I thought about Googledocs, but isn't a gmail account required to access files stored on it? I'm certain not every one of my readers has a gmail addy and I want to make things easy for everyone.

Mark Argent said...

Have you taken a look at I'm a fan. Unlimited uploads/downloads, unlimited storage, files up to 100mb, and very fast downloads.